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A step by step installation guide for beginners : to install and activate Real !

1./ Installation

2./ Activation

:::Before Installation :::

RealPlayer Minimum System Requirements

- 700 MHz processor or equivalent

  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 60 MB available disk space
  • 16-bit sound card and speakers
  • Super VGA (1024 x 768, 65k colour) or higher resolution video adaptor and monitor
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later, Vista
  • IE 5 or later, FireFox

RealPlayer Recommended System Requirements

- 1 GHz processor or greater (supports simultaneous record/playback features)

  • 512 MB of RAM, 1 GB with Vista or later
  • High-speed Internet connection (audio and video)
  • Full Duplex sound card and speakers
  • CD and DVD writer (for CD and DVD writing features)
  • DVD player and DVD playback software (for DVD playback)
  • 4+ GB available disk space for writing Media and MP3 DVDs and CDs
  • Windows Media Player 9.0 or later
  • Quick Time 6.4 or later
  • Adobe Flash player 8 or later
  • Ifusing screen reader software: JAWS (v4.02 or greater recommended) or Windows-Eye (v4.21 or greater)

Transfer web videos to your iPod
ransfer your favorite videos from thousands of Internet sites to your iPod with a single click. Then watch them wherever and whenever you want.

(RealPlayer Plus supports video transfer to video-capable iPod Nano and iPod Classic devices.) Please note RealPlayer does not currently support iPhone or iPod touch.

Video Recording
See it now or see it later. Download video in its original quality with a single click, or record live streams from the web. And you can download virtually all video formats, making it easy to watch content offline, build a personal video library or burn a CD for later viewing.

DVD Burning
All that’s missing is the popcorn. Easily burn your favourite video, photos and movies to a disc to view on yout TV, laptop, PC - anywhere you can play a DVD.

LivePause & PerfectPlay
Control your streams. Pause, rewind and fast-forward through live audio or video clips while they play. Create your own sports instant replay!

Universal Player
From .AIFF to .X-STREAM, RealPlayer has never met a file type it didn’t like. Now, the same Player that handles your streaming media and downloaded QuickTime, Windows Media or MPEG audio/video files can also play your DVDs, VCDs and store-bought or home-made CD-ROMS. Finally, digital media has become more manageable

High Quality Video
New RealVideo 10™ delivers superior video quality over any type of Internet connection - from narrowband to broadband. View and download DVD quality video starting at 500kbps.

Advanced Video Controls
Adjust your viewer just like a TV set for amazing picture quality. Handy sliders let you tweak your video controls for brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, etc. Remembers your settings.

Audio Features
RealAudio Lossless Format
Our new format allows you to burn professional-quality CDs using only half the disk space of the standard CD audio format (WAV)

Advanced CD burning
The simplicity of using 1-2-3-Burn to create your own CDs conceals some powerful options. Like the ability to normalize volume across all CD song tracks, set up cross fades, and even take out the gaps between audio tracks.

Analog Recording
Migrating your vinyl or cassette collection to the digital world, or recording your own voice for narration or a quick audio message, taps RealPlayer’s capacity for Analog Recording, another valuable tool for transporting you and your media into the digital future/domain.

Multiple Audio Formats
RealPlayer supports all the latest formats, including audio CD, MP3, MPEG, Sony Memory Stick and many more.

Multi-Channel Stereo Sound
Bump it up! Enjoy 5-channel audio plus a dedicated sub-woofer channel for streaming or playback through your sound system.

10-Band Graphic EQ
Take control of your music. Optimize your sound exactly the way you like it with this sweet graphic equalizer. Adjust your EQ for room size, input type, etc.

Release your inner deejay and get jiggy with it! Crossfade between songs and add reverb to give your mixes a professional par-tay sound.

Music that looks as cool as it sounds! See the patterns your music makes on the screen with hundreds of colorful, cutting-edge animations from some of the Web’s hottest designers.

Album Info
Displays handy reference info about the album or clips you’ve selected. Automatically loads info from CDs or streaming clips. Keep track of lyrics and other details about your clips.

Portable Device
Take your music with you! Download clips to your favorite portable digital music devices. Compatible with MP3, Sony Memory Stick, Palm, Nomad Zen, iPod and other formats.


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